Hit or Miss #2: Ten Dixon – Lengman

When you receive links to music via twitter, there’s always a lot of scepticism. A lot of the time I don’t look, a majority of the time I forget but I’m equally apprehensive to click on the link because I expect the worst. Nine times out of ten, it is the worst, so bad in fact that I changed my privacy setttings on facebook because I was fed up of being tagged in atrocious and annoying videos. Sometimes I ‘long it out’ for about an hour or so before removing the tag but then I thought fuck being polite, its always been nuisance because my taste in music is revered for it’s ‘bollocks filter’, so not only were they annoying me but they were ‘fucking with my rep’.

Lengman however is not all that different, it’s twitter spam after all, but it’s quite entertaining. Firstly I was somewhat confused as to why Mr. Dixon would be wearing his outer coat and hood indoors, a pair of sunglasses in low light and one glove -is the other hand missing, did he just return from a game of golf, does the other hand get cold?

The more questions I asked while ‘skipping’ through the video was the more I realised that entertainment is not exactly about whatever violent nonsense Mr. Dixon happens to be screaming about but it’s trying to work out whether he’s more like Tempa-T -energy, Lil B (from an angle he looks like him as opposed to a comparison of skills) or MC Roachie -vocal tone. Sure there’s a lot of fools that turn up in one glove, sunglasses and outer jackets done to the top, hooded up but you can picture Dixon getting busy at a stage show unlike some of his contemporaries who are doing the same thing with no energy, zero engagement, no ‘charisma’.

Without hearing any other track from Ten ‘Leng’ Dixon, I rate this a hit because charisma gets you far…



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