LOST I.T x Up In The Ear Mayday Mix

Mayday 2012 marks three years since I conceived the idea behind Up In The Ear whilst studying a BA Hons Commercial Music degree at Westminster University. Mayday 2012 also marks the 30k milestone visit, which isn’t much compared to a lot of other blogs but in the two years since we’ve been around, we’ve never jumped on a particular ‘wave’ or followed the ‘copy and paste’ press release trend.

For this mix, I decided to craft a few bootlegs which feature music from much of the artists I have both discovered -new to my ears and at times my microcosm- and written an article about on the blog. Some of the features are from people I’ve done write ups for, interviewed, and friends of friends who I somehow convinced to send through acapellas so I could experiment –Chloë V.

Stream via Mixclouddownload, and highlights to read the features.

  1. Lana Del Rey – Lolita
  2. Silkie – Beauty
  3. K.Flay – Less Than Zero
  4. Faze Miyake – Take Off V.I.P
  5. LOST I.T – Take My Way (Faze Miyake x Metronomy)
  6. LOST I.T – Swimming With Iggy (MRKOZOID x SNES x Iggy Azalea)
  7. LOST I.T – Corona’s In Paris (MRKOZOID x SNES x Jay-Z x Kanye West)
  8. LOST I.T – Smells Like Pow (Nirvana x Lethal B)
  9. LOST I.T – Snorkling
  10. LOST I.T – Shallah
  11. LOST I.T – I Am Between Sheets (Trim x Isley Brothers)
  12. LOST I.T – Oh No Muxion (So Solid x J Beatz)
  13. LOST I.T – Unholy Goomba (SRC x Chloë V)
  14. Harmonix – Bills Bills Bills (James Blake x Destiny’s Child)
  15. Amy Winehouse – Stronger Than Me (Alby Daniels Bootleg)
  16. MIK & Merky AceShutdown
  17. SwindleAirmiles

I’d like to thank everyone who has ever read, commented, subscribed, shared or been featured on the blog. Also thank everyone who has contacted me for work, worked with me and sent me mail. Special thanks to my homie Reayshawn (Rachael Grainger) who accompanied me to film and interview K.Flay at such short notice, folks such as MIK for spreading the word about my writing, Mykaell Riley, Joel Harrison and Luke Hannam who were my tutors at Westminster University/BANM and lead modules that gave me the opportunity to organise and implement all of the ideas lingering inside my head by making me organise and present them to the world in the form of Uni coursework. Special shouts to Sousy-D because she saw the vision without me drawing the picture…

(Not on Soundcloud due to infringement)



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