Hit or Miss? #1: Jade H ft. Shortz1 – True Colours (Faze Miyake’s Bawse)

Let’s be real here, when a Grime dude slows it down he’s crucified like a muthafucker. He’s surrounded in broad daylight by all manner of keyboard trolls, shooting rounds of venomous tweet critique from smart phones, desktop tweet apps and social networking sites, but when a rapper grabs hold of a Grime instrumental it’s instant appraisal because for some reason or other, Grime, the ugly duckling or ‘Genraah In Da Kornaaar‘ that exudes an IDGAF [I don’t give a fuck] type of attitude, is quite happy to be respected or acknowledged rather.

In the case of this video of a song I may scrutinise [in the case of Maxwell-D who tried to jump on Take Off and failed miserably, cringe inducing miserably, couldn’t look nor listen without wondering why no one told him it was so shiiiit! -click his name to read that review] a rapper has jumped on the Grime instrumental Bawse -a track off Faze Miyake’s Take Off Ep- alongside a vocalist. There’s no compromising the UK Rap flow, there’s no speeding it up, what the rapper does, and what I respect the most, is sIt on the beat and stay true to himself. At first I didn’t know what to make of it before thinking to myself “…But Faze Miyake’s sound isn’t quite Grime but more nearer the neutral part of the sub culture spectrum”. Of course it’s a 140BPM (Stylistically Grime) instrumental but the sound transcends sub genres under the Rap/Hip Hop‘s umbrella.

The rapper isn’t that bad in all honesty, he carries the flow well. Fair enough it’s no different from a lot of UK ‘Road Rap‘ MCs that utilise the same rhyme pattern and theme but what makes Shortz1 stand out is his ability to flow confidently and comforably. There’s no shakiness, no fear that he may be stepping on Grime territory because there’s nothing distinctly Grime about the instrumental. It dawned on me that maybe Faze Miyake doesn’t even make Grime, he’s managed to craft the new sound of UK ‘Trap Rap‘ because a 1/3 of his output thus far can be blessed by everyone from Giggs to the likes of 2Chainz, Rozay and as far a field as Iggy Azalea and [insert credible underground trap rap/underground/hipstep-bass music artist here] *Cassie? (Does she still sing or is she just a hipstep pin up and a billionaire’s sly [no disrespect] sidechick?) the ‘Me and You‘ singer.

The vocalist, Jade Howes does well because she doesn’t try to out-sing the instrumental, she opts to sit on the instrumental, following it’s natural momentum with a clever choice of syllables and vocal tone. There were a few points where I raised my eye brows, I did that with the rapper at first but after listening back with an open mind I sorta got over it. At the transitional points where the instrumental gets more elaborate, she creates a mirror effect by switching the flow to more of a legato style, so instead of riding the rhythm she allows the instrumental to breathe by making her vocal delivery more spacious [spacious you kna like I’m talking about a bludclaaart yard! haha]. *I’m getting too techy innit?

All in all this is a great attempt from a vocalist to tame such a rugged and ‘grimey’ instrumental with the aid of a rapper. It’s not perfect but I guess it will set the tone for more UK Rappers and Vocalists to shop around the Grime producers for their next musical backdrop as a lot of today’s Grime producers are blurring the lines of sub genre and just creating music that connects with everyone, they seem to be getting much more elaborate i.e.. Swindle and Preditah who incorporate musical styles from further afield.

@Jade_Howes | @Shortz_1 | @FazeMiyake | Take Off EP



2 thoughts on “Hit or Miss? #1: Jade H ft. Shortz1 – True Colours (Faze Miyake’s Bawse)

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