El Weirdo #1: Rock Your Body

Waking up out of an apocalyptic dream with a Pinterest theme singing Justin Timberlake‘s song Rock Your Body could only mean it’s going to be a great day right?

Maybe it’s the combination of yesterday evening’s trip down ‘Nostalgia Avenue’ and the sun shining bright outside or it could just mean that my most vivid dreams come in a period of inspiration and creativity but then again it could just be my head getting me ready for this ‘group’ type of meeting I’m about to step into. Who knows?

I think the hardest thing to do other than dragging myself out of my bed to make two slices of whole meal toast and a cup of herbal tea was to slip back under my duvet and watch the music video. It’s a total cringe! Justin’s dancing face is slappable on all levels and the ‘all white’ ensemble with chain hanging from his pocket to wherever make him look like a ‘freshie‘ -one of those dudes from an ex soviet state who, for some weird reason or other, enter hip hop dance competitions because they can’t face working in a factory gutting salmon from an illicit ranch residing close to the apocalyptic remains of Chernobyl for the rest of their years. *Totally relevant if Stalin were still in power an communism was a still a threat to everything capitalist, spiritual and decadent.

Besides the horrible dance routine and the ‘gay‘ looking disco lights, I actually love this song and I probably woke up singing it because today will be a beautifully ‘long’, arduous and ‘zig-zaggish’ day. *I love quotation marks because I love to make my own words which almost always make sense.



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