Amy Winehouse – Stronger Than Me (Alby Daniels Remix)

I was surfing the web, as you do whilst checking mail in the early part of the day, and I came across this GEM of a remix. As some of you may already know I love Amy Wino, she is the ULTIMATE BAAABE, her debut FRANK being one of my favourite albums of all time, so favoured that I refuse to listen to anything that came after because I wouldn’t want to taint my divine perception of HRH Amy Winehouse. It’s probably seven months since Amy’s departure but I’m still reluctant to acknowledge her passing because it’s waaaay too painful to come to terms with.

Stronger Than Me was the first tune that got me hooked on Amy. This bootleg is my dedication to her –Alby Daniels

Sure everyone’s saying to themselves at this point in time “Oooh what about Whitney, what about MJ?” but I weren’t heavily into them on a personal level. Sure I had their music enforced on me from a young age but I actually picked up Amy’s first album a few years after discovering her Stronger Than Me video and I listened to it religiously for months, years even. No other albums apart from Reasonable Doubt, The Blueprint, Ready To Die, Illmatic and Midnight Marauders have me running back for a listen as much as Frank, it’s timeless. I think I’m amazed at how skilled she was, bamboozled at how she had become the master of her voice, how she had tamed it to the point of wielding it around with such ease.

Amy had found zen, Amy had spiralled so far within to strike light and become master of a troubled, pain riddled, melancholic vulgarity with clear but slightly hazy vocal tones that would become her signiature untamed, and bastardised style.

*All I wanted to do was show you the remix but as always I share the personal connection because that’s what music is about, shared sentiments…



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