3 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Quadron

Quadron are a Danish duo consisting of vocalist Coco O. and multi-instrumentalist/producer Robin Hannibal. The pair were introduced by a mutual friend and decided to name themselves Quadron as a respectful nod to their heritages being 1/4 black. Their sound is a mixture of folk, soul, pop, and electronic music. What makes Quadron stand out from the pack is their subtle and often sparse productions, each song giving Coco’s vocals and Robin’s instrumentalism room to combine and shine alone.

It all began with a 104rog remix of Average Fruit…

I discovered Quadron through a Seattle producer called 104rog who had remixed their single Average Fruit. After hearing and listening to this remix countless times, I embarked on a research mission to find out what their music sounded like and discovered they were also two members of the Boom Clap Bachelors. Since discovering their self titled debut ‘Quadron’, it’s been on loop. It’s addictive, thought provoking and calming. Listening to this album allowed my thoughts to manifest and run rampant without keeping track of time, nor the amount of times I had listened to the album over and over again.

A Game of Comparison.

Coco O. is [ridiculously] skilled when it comes to throwing down vocals, as Robin Hannibal is with the instrumentation. She bends with the wind, moulding herself to all aspects of Robin’s compositions, creating the perfect musical partnership. Coco’s voice is far from Florence Welch‘s (Florence and The Machine) level of overbearing and sometimes gaudy tonality, it’s light years away from Beyonce Knowles‘ vocal and star spangled showboating, and much less troubled with pain riddled vulgarity of a smokey, untamed, and bastardised style of Amy Winehouse.

Coco’s vocals are understated, humble, subtle, and endearing, directly reflected by the soundscape painted by her partner in crime, Robin Hannibal. The two combine to become the sweet whispers from your star crossed lover whilst wrapped in the confines of your duvet on a cold winter night, staring up at a blanket of stars through the skylight window in your loft converted bedroom. [Descriptive cringe overload.]

Favourite Track: 09. Far Cry

This is a dark spiral of pleasant melancholia which captures all manner of melodramatic sentiments. I haven’t heard such a haunting, emotive, and near tear jerking track do it so subtly. At times it can be an uncomfortable listen but that’s what has you coming back for more. The vocal pauses lead the way for contemplative breaks, where the melodic loop of instrumentation allows you to dig up, digest, and deal with all the emotional turmoil of last seasons broken heart, which had been long buried and forgotten. It’s beautiful and cringe inducing, it lightheartedly expresses the darkness of waking up to nothing the day after. Robin’s instrumentation provide a warm reassuring embrace to Coco’s cries of despair.

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