Introducing #1 – Izzy Toshi aka Magik Skillz (Producer/Beatsmith)

Izzy Toshi, widely known as, Magik Skillz is a producer/beatsmith from North London. I caught up with him in the midst of a major studio overhaul, a busy production and studio session schedule to talk all manner of things from being me calling his eclectic persona Izzy Toshi to improvisation and musical infusion.

Izzy Toshi is a befitting alias, he’s a self taught pianist who was born and raised in in a far away place before moving to North London at the age of six. Izzy recalls that his first experiences of London as a shock because London was densely populated, ‘They live too close together’, as opposed to a life where there was a fair amount of space between neighbours. A man of very few words, Magik Skillz is a humble observer who chooses to express himself through music. I thought he’d object to me referring to him as Izzy Toshi but once I explained to him that for a production and skill set so eclectic, he needed a name that would not only stand out but represent a realm that was far removed from the scene he calls home…

Facebook | @MagikSkillz

I met Izzy while studying a Fda Popular Musician degree at British Academy of New Music in London, where alumni include chart toppers Rita Ora and Ed Sheeran, so I’ve seen the progression in sound and skillset. He’s produced and remixed for UK artists Kasha Rae, Kristina Shashina, Tyme‘s Money and a whole host of artists from the African diaspora. He’s dabbled in a variety of genres across the musical spectrum from Afrobeat to Rap, House, R&B and Pop. Magik is an artist who stays open to experimentation so if your looking for a producer, remixer and beatsmith/collaborator, look no further.



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