#RanDumb – Is Rihanna maternity cover for Beyonce?

Rihanna seems to have gone a bit doolally lately, which comes as no surprise once I realised that she was just happy to be filling Beyonce’s place on the pop throne. When we say fill, or I rather, it simply means keeping it warm. I’m not one to throw darts at artists or performers but vocally Rihanna isn’t a patch on Bey but she sure will be great at playing dress up. Although when it comes to the karaoke part I really hope she’s miming along to Beyonce’s vocals rather than singing the parts herself.

Could you imagine the torture?
I hear US troops extract information out of Al Qaeda, Taliban and every other ‘insurgent’ considered a national threat, by playing Rihanna acapellas. A sad state of affairs…


What do you think?

Is Rihanna cheekily trying to fill Beyonce’s spot [prematurely] because the whole ‘bad sexy wild slut chick’ isn’t in fashion or has she and her team of svengali’s finally run out of ideas to hide the fact that she’s not that great of a singer. After all, the ‘urban-amalgamation-techno-pop’ trend is coming to the end of its cycle right?



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