Jay-Z & Kanye West – N*ggas In Paris x Videojacking Graffiti Guys

Do I really need to introduce this? No.

Do I give a fuck if you like it? No.

Do I care for your astronomical expectations? No.

Do I care if you don’t get that they’d rather invest in innovative ways to be creative and simply intricate rather than be tacky and vulgar? No.

Do I give a fuck if you think I’m posting this just for traffic? No.

If you thought the questions which preceded this sentence were anything but rhetorical, you are a DICK.

These two are my IDOLS. They represent two prominent polarities at opposite sides of the Rap spectrum. Their partnership has propelled Hip Hop culture to dizzying heights. They are an absolute partnership in both business and creativity. If you think otherwise, you can shut the fuck up and piss off because I’ve listened to Rap since my conception in the winter of 1984 whilst a bunch of you discovered it a few years ago. I’ve seen many come and go. Yes I know I’m babbling but fuck it. I can write what I feel and I will because you really didn’t have to read this far, did you?

I personally love the way they kept it quintessentially about the live show and energy to keep it simple with sprinkles of luxury i.e the panthers and lions, but kept it archaic with the kaleidoscope.

I FUCKING LOVE THIS!!! … But did you see this one?



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