Lana Del Rey – Born To Die (Long Overdue Review)

Lana’s a hottie. Lana’s got a nostalgic and cinematic voice. Lana hooked up with the right producer for the album. Lana’s album contained no tracks that I wanted to skip. Lana’s album was epic. Lana’s voice was accentuated by the soundscape. Lana did her own thing. Lana carved her own lane. Lana stuck two middle fingers up at the techno-urban-amalgamation-pop trend. Lana Del Rey has dropped an album that will result in every other vocalist following suit. Lana Del Rey I love your album and everyone who loves ‘genuine’ music loves your album. Lana I apologise for getting the album as a leak but we enjoyed it and I will buy the hardcopy because the album is epic. Lana I will buy a ticket to your show when you visit London. Lana I respect your artistry. Lana I love that you have made a work of art that plays out like a movie. Lana you embody nostalgia and cinematic music. Lana I admire the way that you allow the music to speak for itself and don’t distract the listener with shallow spectacles.

Lana I’m going to buy this on CD, I don’t buy CDs but one day I’m going to get you to sign it when we meet. Lana I understand that a lot of critics have written off your album but I think that in this day and age of hyperreality, people forget that it’s the music that matters and how it makes you feel. Lana people get it twisted probably because you’ve got no electronic arpeggios and dance club singles with the “oh ah oh” ad libs featuring punk mcs like Flo Rida and Pitbull. Lana they need to realise that you don’t need WillIAm with his fucked up hairdo to sell records, you’ve just got to be sincere, capture the right sentiments and people will always relate to it. Lana thank you for delivering such a great album, I apologise for not going into the specific highlights of the album but people reading this will only realise the reason once they listen to it… No words can articulate a sentiment, you’ve just got to put this album on and enjoy the movie.


5 thoughts on “Lana Del Rey – Born To Die (Long Overdue Review)

  1. It isn’t that good really….. The thing is she hasn’t “stuck two middle fingers up”, her music is contrived and manufactured (its called commersial music).


    • I think the music matched her voice perfectly and bridged the gap between her nostalgic vocal tones and imagery with the comtemporary Hip Hop infused sound to create something cinematic. Whether you think it’s all ‘hype’, ‘contrived’, and ‘manufactured commercial music’ is your own opinion because she could of easily been pushed down the whole ‘contrived’ urban-amalgamation-techno-pop route but she made something that personified herself. You may not get all the hype, you may think it’s contrived but I’m giving her credit for turning away from the commercial pop formulaic sound of the moment. Maybe you didn’t get that from my so called ‘review’ which was more like a series of bullet points of why I liked it but in comparison to everything else going on, Lada Del Rey’s Born To Die is a welcome breath of fresh air. I wish critics such as yourself and many others would enjoy the masterpiece rather than judge based upon preconceived opinions or expectations. Give her credit where its due because to release a debut with no stand out ‘sing a long in the club’ single is a leap of faith for not only the record company but the artist and I feel that a lot of you should respect that. Don’t listen to the album from a reviewers perspective, feel that album and see what you think of it afterwards. Maybe you can’t connect with it, maybe you’ll just never understand the themes, maybe you just aren’t at that point in time where you can truely connect with the album’s sentiments, who knows? But I guarentee that a majority of the listeners will tell you that they love the album because they connect with it on a level which cannot be articulated outside of one word… It’s a ‘feeling’.


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