New To My Ears #1 – Silkie

Surfing through soundcloud and I stumble across this guy Silkie who really does produce some smooth and silky sounds. It’s Bass Music but it’s not flat, two dimensional or loopified, it’s that ‘take you on a mission into the depths of your consciousness‘ type of music. Silkie is a don and I pretty much figured I couldn’t just fling a couple of souncloud streams together –not my fucking style– so I did some googling and found some info…

Solomon Rose, more widely known as the London Grime turned Dubstep producer extraordinaire Silkie, is no new jack to the urban music scene. Silkie started to release singles on Deep Medi, Skream’s Disfigured Dubz and Soul Jazz, releasing classic tracks like ‘Cyber Dub’ and ‘Skys the Limit’ alongside tunes like ‘Purple Love’ and ‘Head Butt Da Deck’.

When a new form of music is formed we often ask the question, where will it go next? Dubstep in its true identity is still forward thinking music and Silkie, following the Anti Social mantra of pushing boundaries and experimentation, is an artist who continues to grow with every release.

This is the Dubstep I LOVE!

Lush sweeping pads and heavy oscillated basslines!

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3 thoughts on “New To My Ears #1 – Silkie

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