Smash Factor #1 – JoJo

It seems like eternity since she burst onto the scene with the ‘Get out/Leave’ song where she was out in the rain prancing about in a tracksuit but my oh my have the years flown by. After a long hiatus JoJo is back! No longer thirteen years old confined to a jail bait box she is ripe for the picking, she’s slender, she’s foxxxy, she’s also 21!!!… It’s peak times if I ever run into her cah she’s gonna get scooped up like vanilla Haagen-Daaz!

Beauty and smash factor fantasies aside, I love how she came back with the signature acoustic sound that showcases her vocal ability rather than jump on the techno-pop wave. For that I rate you highly because you’re back on your own terms catering to your core audience and the fans who’ve stuck by you from day one. I like that you’re providing a mature voice to those that like you have grown into adults too.

Foxxx Factor Rating: fx-TRILL (peak levels of smash-ability)

She also gets points for being the only artist to cover Amy Winehouse that hasn’t made me cringe. I love you JoJo, when you come to London I’ll have a Nando’s whole free bird card with your name on it. ❤

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