K.Flay – I Stopped Caring In ’96 (Music)

Where were you in 1996? I was on the cusp of a transition; second half of the sixth grade, starting high school in september where I’d be travelling 8 miles across town to go to school. It would be the first time I’d wear a blazer, shoes, shirt, tie, and trousers, the first time I’d carry a pencil case and rucksack to school. 1996 was the year I began to grow up, it was the start of my life outside of the bubble that was my small town, the year I began my adventure to find the treasure that was to stop caring about all the trivial nonsensical judgements imposed upon me by other people.

This release came out a while ago but I’ve just discovered it, I love it, I can most certainly relate. K.Flay separates herself from her female counterparts who came to the forefront in 2011 such as Kreayshawn, Iggy Azalea, Azelia Banks etc because she’s the ‘girl next door’ who happens to live in the basement where she spends most of her days writing, producing and recording her own music.

I Stopped Caring In 1996 is K.Flay’s chronological soundtrack to her adolescent struggle to become an adult. The album is split into three parts:

  1. I Stopped Caring
  2. I Feel Everything
  3. Everything Is Nothing

My favourite song has to be Less Than Zero because it’s so powerful. The beat and the crazy guitar riff -courtesy of sampling XX’s Crystalized- are mind blowing with compliments from her lyrical flow and delivery.

Directed by Frank Door
Produced by Chante Cardoso / Element 151

I think I love K.Flay so much because she’s comfortable with being herself, she’s sincere and doesn’t ascribed to the hyper sexualised/animated characteristics of her 2011 contemporaries. Bear in mind that K.Flay released her first project back in ’09 and has averaged two albums a year ever ever since, which are all written, produced and recorded by herself –impressive!

Download Album | Twitter | Facebook | K.Flay.com | Youtube


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