Kwala – Projectionss EP (Music)

This is something special, this is that ‘take you on a journey into the unknown‘ music. It’s no mystery that the creator of this majestic EP should be so secretive, I couldn’t find any information whatsoever -I kinda like it that way. I could not find a twitter account to follow, yet I found a record label and a Facebook page which I liked. It’s great that Kwala remains a mystery because I’d hate to think that the creator who delivered us this epic release of eurphoric electronic ambiance should be an arrogant dick. The music speaks magnitudes and there’s more than a few people I’d recommend him to -I’d recommend Kwala to anyone who appreciate great music and deep pensive meditation. Believe me when I say that listening to this is like an out of body experience.

Can’t wait to hear more but before I do anything else I’ll be sure to check out his past releases.

Facebook | FreeForm Records | Soundcloud



3 thoughts on “Kwala – Projectionss EP (Music)

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