El Suavo feat. Various Artists – ‘Talk Of The Town’ (Video)

Minus the few repulsive faces -no homo, the lack of ‘swag’ or better yet ‘try hard’ shwaggg and one dude playing fancy dress up, I really like the video but more than anything I love the beat! THAT SHIT CRAAAY!!!

@thereeljai | @RMLGofficial | @thereel_elsuavo | @enjayonline | @terrasworld | @igdoesmusic | @mar_tino | @t_grhymey | @elshaymusic | @marvin_live | @enigmar1 | @bizzydot

Who had the best verse tho!?

Director: Reel Life Media Group
Producer: Chloe Pullinger
DOP: James Matai
Editor: Hatice Ozbayir

Email: reellifemediagroup@yahoo.com
FB: Reel Life Media Group, El Suavo

I predict big things from this guy -always have done. Not sure if he’s under management yet but I’ve been telling my mate over at Pouts & Deuces to snap him up from the longest… *Since Easter Sunday April 4th 2010 to be exact* So what are you waiting for haaah? (French Montana/Kanye ad lib)



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