Corinne Shields – Maybe I’ll Miss You (Audio)

I’ve found a new ‘favourite’ artist that I’ll be on the lookout for in 2012!

I was doing the sporadic twitter/soundcloud rounds when I come across this song Maybe I’ll Miss You. At first I didn’t think much of it, I slyly dismissed it but I got to the chorus and I was like “WHAT THE FUCK!? THIS IS A BANGER!”. It was there that I began to share it on my Tumblr blog whilst listening to it and sorta started writing a commentary in real-time. Since posting it I think I’ve listed to it a few dozen times. At first I didn’t know why I loved it so much but then I put my finger on it, she has an angelic vocal timbre similar to Ellie Goulding. It’s also the way Corinne layers her vocals, the harmonies, the ad libs -simply majestic, add that to her overall sound and song choice; an amalgamation of quirky, ‘booty shaking’, feet shuffling electronica (UK Garage), and a piano ballad with sprinkles of manipulated oscillators on a variety of modular, granular, and additive synths -reminiscent of my gaming excursions on Nintendo gaming consoles in the late ’80s/early ’90s, it’s no wonder why I’m captivated by this particular song.

Corinne Shields’ Maybe I’ll Miss You has won a place ‘Up In My Ear‘ because she -with the help of a creative collaborator perhaps, has managed to capture the sentiment of nostalgia almost absolutely. Also befitting of the song title and subject matter –WELL-FUCKING-DONE!

Live Tumblr Commentary

Randomly seething through twitter/soundcloud before finding this. Flicked through it and fell in love with it. Not perfect but I’d love it because the chorus is sick and it reminds me of one of those video games, you know the travelling through space in a spaceship on a mission to rescue Zelda…

Pretty much wrote this as I’m listening and I’ve just heard the breakdown… The backing vocals, harmonies are on point. She’s looking for work as a writer so artists and producers get in touch.

The track continues to grow on me with every listen, by the time I got to this sentence I had actually began to listen through all the other tracks. | @CorinneShields


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