Crisis #1 – Maxwell D Ft. 2Nice “War” (Faze Miyake’s – Take Off)

Disclaimer: Crisis is basically a comical take on an anomaly -something that should never have happened- or just a sarcastic narrivative on something that didn’t agree with my senses. It’s basically impolite exaggeration at someone else’s expense, and when I say someone else, I mean one of your friends should of been honest with you ‘don’.

CRISIS #1 – Maxwell D vs. Faze Miyake’s Take Off

I stopped rating Maxwell-D from the day when he sold a sordid sex story about Jamelia to New Nation -pretty much the same day I lost love for that paper and stopped taking these so call ‘Black -once a week regurgitate the previous weeks news on monday-Newspapers’. In fact I’ve never thought he was a good MC, I used to vibe to ‘Serious’ because of the bouncy beat and hook but that’s about it. I honestly thought he had left the mic alone, to all our relief, until someone on my facebook friends list posted this video.

To be honest the whole thing is a contradictory PR stunt, quite like the time he sold the details of his sordid affair with Jamelia to the News of The World… I know I know I’m rinsing it but that is jokes because I’ve never actually seen a black dude snitch on a beanie like that, MOIST! … because the track title suggests that he’s ‘on this ting’ but the chorus states that he ain’t on it but he’s the don of it. That’s some bollocks because the last time I heard Maxwell D clashing was when he got slewed by Heartless in ’00. I don’t even think I heard Maxwell on the clash, I don’t even know if he was there on stage but still…

Anywho the ‘freestyle’ -not a freestyle just him with a load of indirect jabs that he’s throwing towards Wiley, and probably the string of other minions he’s associated himself with over the years- is basically one big can of hair spray, he isn’t saying nothing special, he is not saying nothing at all. The whole thing kinda had me wondering if it was just me or had anyone else noticed that Maxwell D doesn’t really ‘rap’ or ‘MC’ in time, he just sounds like he’s doing a bad job of reading off a piece of paper whilst recording.

No matter how hard you tried Max, you couldn’t sabotage Take Off, Faze Miyake’s beat took off without you mate. If you need tips on the best way to attack a Faze Miyake beat, click the links below.


ps. Funny how when ‘you reap what you sow’, karma has a weird way of shhhlappping you in the face…


2 thoughts on “Crisis #1 – Maxwell D Ft. 2Nice “War” (Faze Miyake’s – Take Off)

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