Three Great Albums #1

Ladyhawke is a must listen album because it’s a dose of retro futuristic nostalgia. Hints of Blondie, sprinkles of Nirvana, and tales of love, romance, and angst set the tone for something special…

Kinda pissed becauase I’ve never ever ever seen Ladyhawke live in concert yet. I either need to jump on a plane to NZ or she needs to set a London date some time soon.

Lights by Ellie ‘Swoon’ Goulding is simply amazing, nothing short of bangers… Downloaded the album illegally but I’ve seen her live in concert twice so it evens out. The iTunes festival in 2010 was my first and by far the greatest concert of Ellie’s I’ve witnessed so far.

Hands by Little Boots is sick, it’s a very different album and the one that set me on the trail of copping Ladyhawke and Lights. The funny thing is when I went to see Little Boots at O2 Academy, Shepherds Bush in Dec ’09, it was the first time I had seen and heard Ellie Goulding in concert.

Little Boots puts a lot into her live shows and you really do get you monies worth too. There’s all sorts of gadgetry from remix and building the song live on stage to lazer harps…


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