The Broke Graduate Playlist

At the moment I’m sick, and I’m apart of the ‘broke graduate with £16k worth of student debt hanging over their head’ demographic. I am one of many who has just spent three years wandering through the promised land of academiagraduating with a 2:1 Bachelors degree– who is now faced with a vast open ocean, with no map to aid my navigation. I seek the Golden Fleece, the much sought after ‘well paid Graduate salary’. I have no ship, I sail on the humble raft of my certification -my academic credentials and with little or no industry experience nor connections, many of us shall perish out on the barren seas if the Gods on Mt. Olympus turn a blind eye to our suffering. Some graduates get caught in the dangerous, low paid, high pressure sector of retail where the plan to ‘earn some extra cash’ turns into a ten year managerial ordeal; living for the 31st of every month to get drunk and drown their sorrows in consumerist intoxication -gradually sliding down the greasy totem pole, going from ‘high end’ High Street store to ‘Pound Land’ whilst others do things ‘just to get by’, which have nothing to do with what they studied in the first place. It can be a cold and disheartening time, I myself have been very pensive as it’s all you can do when you’re sick and bed ridden. I created a playlist whilst I lay on my sick bed, laptop on duvet, worrying about my career and financial future whilst I should be nursing myself back to life…

Melodrama aside, enjoy…

My sentiments exactly.

Fellow graduates we’ve gotta stay positive and optimistic, we create our own futures so start yours today by creating your own opportunities and your own luck. It’s like my senior at Defected said ‘It’s up to you to judge how much your times worth’.

Think about it…


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