Herda Vim? – Wake Up Call

In his own words:

I go by the name of Herda Vim?, ima 20 year old beatmaker, songwriter and lyricist. The name Herda Vim? also stands for “Here Exploring Raw Dirty Atmospheres Ventured In Music”, my influences began with grime, but I’m into anything with a raw sound. I’m probably not so heard of as of yet but I have been featured in projects working with up and coming artist “MC Tigz” (As seen on Grime Daily, SBTV etc.) producing for his 2010 mixtape “The Hard Way”, and my own instrumental EP “Not Yet But Soon”. I am currently working on vocal projects that should be released soon.


  • Production: J Dilla, Basement Jaxx, Dot Rotten, Calvin Harris, Tood Edwards
  • Mic Skills: Dot Rotten, Trim, J Dilla, De La Soul, Dudley Perkins, MED, Wretch 32

@HerdaVim | Soundcloud | Facebook

I remember when this guy came into the office whilst I was doing at Faculty Digital, Westminster University, and played a beat that sounded like he sampled a bunch of Nintendo games. I don’t think the song below is the exact one but it’s a banger nonetheless -produced by Nameless.


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