LDFD – Outta Control (Remix)

I was randomly going through soundcloud and found a DJ Clap page, I clicked on it, listened, and found nothing on the net except this on Xlr8r…

Arizona’s DJ Clap, who’s been busy putting together a nice catalogue of footwork-leaning tracks for the past few years. If this remix is any indication, DJ Clap makes footwork tracks like The Field used to make techno tracks—melodicly rich, super repetitive, chopped to all hell, and bizarrely catchy. Is Arizona the new home of burgeoning footwork? No, probably not, but DJ Clap has definitely soaked up some distinct influences and turned them into something rather intriguing. (xlr8r.com)

When I first heard some of her tracks I thought…


… but I was patient with it, I had to be. I listened to every single song on the soundcloud, bypassed all my music preconceptions and stood outside of the box or rather boxes, for a moment.

I loved some of the intros, especially ‘Something Very Wonderous’ but I simply couldn’t keep up. The track featured below is not only the best song on DJ Clap’s soundcloud, but also the first… I’d be interested to hear your take on it.

Soundcloud | Website

Free DJ Clap 10 Track album of exclusives


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