FL Studio for Mac Beta-Testers Wanted

The funny thing is that I remember getting this bootleg software passed to me from a friend, who snuck it from his stingy twat of a lil brother. Once installed I just used to make beats and smoke spliffs all night long… It was the first time I had started to make music on a computer, before that I used Music2000 on the Playstation -the small shitty lil psOne, then the ps2 slim and I had to record my beats to a Mini Disc then though a Line In socket attached to my PC in order to get my beats on disc. You could imagine the sound quality right?

This is a madness, I’m going to get involved because I’ve got the Fruity App for my iPhone.

  • No Windows or Bootcamp required
  • Installs from .dmg file
  • Graphical bugs to be sorted later

I’ll wish you and myself luck because I’m about to get the .dmg

Click To Download Beta

Technically you go to the forum and state your interest and if they think you’re eligable, you’ll be sent the .dmg -Par!


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