Footsie Vs. Merky Ace – 5.08.11

This was the best rally I listened to in a while. Footsie and Merky had a segment where they were going back and forth as if it were a battle to the death. This is what Grime’s about, even though it’s not an official battle it was a serious Show and Prove session because one on hand you’ve got Merky, TKO, Shif Man of Family Tree who are relatively new but making serious waves and currently leading the South London Grime renaissance whilst OG’s seemed to have passed on the baton as they’ve gone on a Dubstep excursion. Footsie is a Grime vet, who plays the role of the Grime elder who has to be on his ‘A’ game because Merky has got him on his toes. This set has not only showcased Merky’s hunger for the top spot but it also showcased how much of a don Footsie is. I always rated Footsie as an MC but this epic rally with Merky Ace was the moment where I thought ‘he’s a contender for the Grime Throne’ because I’ve never heard him without D Double. This had me think that Footsie was badder than D Double, in fact I need to hear D Double rally with Merky Ace on those Faze Miyake beats because it weren’t until Take Off and Take Off remix dropped at 18:10 that they started swing out with the flows and punchlines…



3 thoughts on “Footsie Vs. Merky Ace – 5.08.11

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