Graduate Stars #1 – BANM/MAD (Westminster Uni)

I studied a Popular Musician foundation degree at the British Academy of New Music before progressing onto Westminster University to receive a full BA Honours in Commercial Music. I met a whole lot of ‘characters’, the reason why I use the inverted commas is because the friends I made and people I had encountered had bags of charisma. My fellow students radiated star quality and passion, I’m proud to see them making steps towards stardom on a global stage…

My 'get legless and save money' mentor

1. Mista (Matthew Robinson) – This guy is a real cool dude. When I arrived at BANM for the tour he was always singing at their showcases and telling the story behind the song inbetween. Quite a character, a big drinker, who knows how to party student style. He also taught me the student trick to get drunk and stay rich, drink pints of Stella rather than spirits.

Mista – Rescue

(produced by The Writers Block)

Directed/Edited by Haile Arefaine
D.O.P/Colour Grade by Alex Seery for Loner films
A.D/Producer Catriona Mcavoy for Loner films

Available to buy on iTunes

@officialmista | @writersblockuk | Like Mista

Crazy Swoon

2. Amy Love (Amy ?) – Amy has pretty much always been a mystery… Known amongst a small circle of the XY BANM-ites as the lady with the great pins, I was deeply intrigued. I never heard any music and thing wondered if her music was as classy, sassy and edgy as her style but after watching ‘Do It In The Car’ my doubts were silenced.

Amy Love – Do It In The Car

Directed and Edited by Tom Clarkson

@AmyLove_Music | Like Amy Love

3. El Suavo (Mauro Christiano) – This guy is a supercool cat -feeling jazzy like Fab5Freddie. All he does is make beats, all day every day. He doesn’t smoke weed but makes those deep space nine kinda beats, I’m feeling them a lot because they’re so full of those video game noises that take me back to ’89.

I got a lot of love and respect for Mauro because not only is he a real humble dude but we came up the same way: Playstation production games like Music2000 before moving on to Fruity Loops and the rest of them. I believe he’s gonna be big, combined with the right rapper/singer/DJ he’ll be breaking through the stratosphere in no time… good luck with your final year amigo!

@suavodadon | soundcloud | Like El Suavo


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