Fank Faaark It’s Friiiday #1

Today whilst a majority of you are getting bladdered, watching bollocks on tv, or just smoking, snorting, injecting, or fucking your life away, I’ll be poshing it it up at the BBC Proms!!!

It’ll be my first time going to the Royal Albert Hall and my lady friend has booked out a box to view the show. I ain’t talking about a cardboard box you eeeeediats, I’m talking about the boxes where the regal aristocrats used to sit, in those old black and white movies, the same boxes where Lincoln got assassinated, and the one where Michael Corleone had in Godfather III and could of got assassinated, had it not been for one of the twins (if I remember correctly).

Boxes, seats, film, and belated surprise birthday gifts aside I’ll be going to see…

Ivan Fischer and the Budapest Festival Orchestra

A lot of love, cuddles, and kisses go out to my lady friend Sousy Deuce for surprising me with such a kind and thoughtful gesture. She’s trying to tell me to do the smart/casual-trouser/shoe/blazer thing but if truth be told, I’d rather roll up as Khalid -comfortable and suaver than usual I spose haha!

Tonight will be EPIC!!!


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