Gym Music – Are You Serious?

I don’t get it, everyone and their nan is up in the gym working the fuck out, am I the only one who wants to stay skinny, are the skinny nuccas out of fashion?

I actually rate the song because you can tell they’re actually having a laugh with it, whether they’re taking the piss or not is a different story. Big up Wretch repping for the ‘Skinny til da Grave’ crew!

I love my perfect BMI and my proportionate body, fuck being a muscle head!!!

All this gym talk is a next ting, a next form of blaaaa. I can’t front on the women because boiii it’s a great look but I myself am not into the whole muscle headed look. I’ve got a perfect BMI and I don’t have to worry about turning into a blob if I miss the gym for a few weeks. Besides 150 pressups and 40 sit ups a day cost nothing to do in the passage before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning so nerrrr!


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