Juliyaa – The Rhythm (Video)

This is a proud moment for Deptford Green Secondary School’s class of 2001 because this video was directed by a friend and fellow classmate, Richard Price. Not only is he a self taught video director, he also owns his own multi media company, website -Fwd 360, and consultancy service. Big up Richard ‘Mics’ Price and the team at The RIR


Production Company: The RIR
Director, Producer, Co editor: Richard Price

Assistant Producer: Kara Francis-Lyons
Cinematographers: Paul Hines, Jason Brooks
Editing, Motion Animation, Art Direction: Gavin Driver
Stylist: Marie- Louise Annan
Makeup Artist : Kelly Mendiola
Make up assistant: Teresa Reynolds
Hair design: John Mullan and Kris
Manicurist: Steph Mendiola
Props and Set sourcing: Will Hannes @ The Old Cinema
Dancers: Kloe Dean and Aleta Thompson

Colour Grader: Sonny Sheridan @ The Farm


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