Bad Bad Not Good – Odd Trio Performs Goblin

The Odd Trio: Matt, Alex, Chester

First and foremost I must admit that although I’ve heard of Odd Future and listened to a few of their releases, I have not yet heard any of Tyler‘s official release Goblin. Why did I make that my opening statement, because I felt it important that you know that I’m coming from a listeners perspective. These renditions could of been totally original, named differently, they didn’t even have to tell me it was an Odd Future rendition and I’d still listen and love the music because it’s got a particular sentiment I can identify with.

It’s emotive, sinister, dreamy, pleasant yet nightmarish, the music to me is like taking a walk through my mind on a overcast evening when the sun begins to fade into the horizon and the skies turn orange. Video or no video of the musicians zoning out, I could listen to this, why, because it’s exactly what the likes of Art Blakey, Thelonious Monk, Vince Guardi, Joao Gilberto, Stan Getz, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, and many others would do. I could picture the jazz Baroness Nica Rothschild in the midst of the darkest corner puffing smoke from what has become her throne, menthol cigarette attached to the cigarette in mouth soaking up the sounds…

This is evocative music, regardless of who wrote the original pieces, what makes this particular recording special is the way they translated something considered to be far removed from tradition jazz and bebop into a much more elaborate and moving piece of music. I respect these guys highly.


Video: Connor Olthuis, Sam Zaret


And for the record here’s the original ‘Hip Hop‘ version -well the first rendition I fell in love with- of Electric Relaxation, one of my favourite songs of all time by my favourite band A Tribe Called Quest




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