The Jet Age of Tomorrow

This band are fucking ill! Heavily influenced by early N*E*R*D/Neptunes, they’ve somehow crafted their own sound that makes you want to roll up a phat one and float through space. They’re Odd Future related but that doesn’t stop The Jet Age of Tomorrow standing on their own two feet.

The Jet age of Tomorrow - Matt Martian & Hal (Super 3)

I definitely recommend keeping a close eye on this band as I’ve been a fan since discovering them back in March… Late by release standards but hey. Here’s their self directed/filmed/edited/produced video Wonderland… Enjoy.

Tracks I’d recommend as favourites are ‘Thump Thump’, a sinister synth number, ‘Dust Off‘ featuring Hodgy Beats & Mike G, and ‘Lunchbox‘ featuring Odd Future affiliates Vince Staples and JQ, starting with the opening line..

Good morning say hello to the asshole, I guess I must of smoked all the crack that my dad sold.

Voyger | 5th Echelon

Listening to The Jet Age of Tomorrow (also known as Super 3) makes me want to make music, it really is that sort of experience because its not just your bog standard ‘chorus/verse’ its more creative expression. I definitely fuxxx with this sound, being a sci-fi fan with a big imagination, these soundscapes provide me with ample space for my mind to fly… I digress, all I’m saying is give these guys a listen.



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