Throwback Album – N*E*R*D: In Search Of…

These are some of my all time favourite songs off of one of my all time favourite albums from one of my all time favourite bands who influenced and worked with practically everyone in the world of pop music and beyond apart from Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder but channeled what they learnt from studying the music of the greats into creating a signature space infused futuristic nostalgic innovative sound. I fucking love these guys and I also wonder if you ‘clocked’ what I did with the previous sentence without using any commas and full stops… Follow?

2002 rerelease

Tape You

I admire the sleazeeee… Its delivered so politely because doesn’t say

Ayo bitch! Suck my dick and kiss on her boobs while I record you getting naaaastaay!

Nah… No fucking waaaay!!! He’s opened up by saying that its ok to be a bit freaky, whilst reassuring her that she’ll always be the priority before and after -the other girl being gold but she, his wifey, being platinum, and emphasising the fact that its purely his fantasy. It’s genius because for all we know it could be a conversation with his missus explaining the fantasy… Who knows?

Run To The Sun

This song is sweet, it’s one I listen to when I’m feeling kinda moshi -probably the perfect song to send/play/email to the lady you’re loving.


This song is practically the story of my life, not in the sense that I have any kids to feed but the conflict between taking the moral high road over the ills of fast easy money. Growing up in the area where I’m from its easy to get caught up in a whole lot of fuckry but this song is an optimistic account of that troubled journey over a balancing beam.


I love this song, always have, the adlibs are jokes but yeaaa there’s hella tits and asssss on display! … Well the XXX one that came on late at night in the early noughties haaaa!

When I got this album in 2004, I got the rerelease from 2002 where all the electronic backing was replaced by backing from the Spy-Mob, a 60’s power pop band, giving it a slightly more futuristic and rocky edge. I’m glad I copped the rerelease because when I heard the album from 2001 I made the ‘unimpressed’ face because it sounded quite flat. There’s so many more gems to be found on this album so I recommend giving it a listen because it’s not quite Hip Hop, Rock, Pop… It’s got elements of everything for everyone. I think the greatest musical piece is the part after ‘Bobby James’, that synth led instrumental is simply beautiful to the ears.

This is a great album, it’s not quite any genre but more amalgamatic-equilibrial-futurism…

No exaggeration, this album was simply ahead of itself.



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