Jessica Symonds ‘Old Days’

Funnily enough I met Jessica Symonds at the Westminster University BMus end of year student showcase at Cargo where our mutual group of friends politicked about music, spirituality, and whatever else whilst smoking cigarettes and downing pints -as students do- before we got drunk and ran the dance floor until the lights came on.

Quite the siren indeed...

I remember Jessica telling me about a project she was working on, but when I heard nothing for quite a while I seemed to forget -that and the fact that I was heavily intoxicated- until just now when I had seen the visuals. I really expected some Rhianna type of music but I was blown away to hear a Jazz/Soulful sound, complemented with sultry seductive vocals with painting pictures of a bygone era where a whole lot of teens would sneak off to the park to have a tipple of Lambriniteenage class indeed.

Excitement and hype aside, I present to you Jessica Symonds, the nostalgic ode to her teenage adolescent years, Old Days


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