Mobbin’ with The Mixclique

From a far away land across the wilderness of the green belt, 70 miles outside of the hub of all Grime activity, in the quiet non-metropolitan county town of Suffolk, reside two DJ/Producers who are sending major shock waves throughout the Grimesphere. Mixclique Mobsters DJ Ethic and Neon Beats reside upon the estury of the River Orwell, and it was here that two infamous Grimesters in their own right decided to come together for the greater good of not only Grime but to fly the flag for Ipswich, and all the other unsung heroes who live outside of London, the capital city of the Grime sub genre.

Mixclique - Neon & Ethic

Coming together from two totally different sides of the tracks; Neon Beats from Ear 2 Da Street -Ipswich’s mid noughties answer to South London‘s purveyors of the post millennia ‘urban’ wave of new music, So Solid Crew, and the lone ranger, the Clint Eastwood/John Wayne of Ipswich’s Grime scene who had DJs running scared at the O.K Corral, DJ Ethic who is more the business/behind the scenes side to Neon’s musical front.

One of the biggest achievements for the Mob to date is having none other than Grime’s Tasmanian Demon, Lady Leshurr grace Neon’s production for Hyperfrank’s Volume Control Series. The track is a hype, a word which embodies and describes all Mixclique activity, dance floor smash with a catchy hook and slick lyrical verses -Leshurr’s syllable game is on point.

From the time I spent with these guys it’s totally apparent that these guys have lived and breathed Grime music from way before the genre had a name, before there was Fruity Loops, Logic, and Reason, these guys were honing their skills on the Playstation music production software/game Music 2000 and Ejay. They have a strict policy of no handouts or begging favours as they believe in having a strong and powerful work ethic, word to man like Lewis -no pun intended dude.

Make you you keep updated with all Mixclique movements by clicking and bookmarking their contact details.

Twitter: @neonbeats @djethic @mixclique



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