Discovery: Peanut Puffs

It’s rare in life that someone tells me to try something and I actually like it, but when Miss Cooper held out a packet of Peanut Puffs and told me to try one, I was slyly skeptical for all of a few seconds before the ‘Wotsit’ looking puff touched my taste buds. I made some weird faces before giving the nod of approval, followed by ‘They’re arrrrright ya know‘.


I’ll forever hold Miss Cooper in high regards, promoting her to ‘Connoisseur‘ status, amongst the many who have enlightened me to new snacks, sweets, eateries and taste pallets. I was so convinced from eating just one puff -as she had selfishly scoffed the rest of the pack ‘wahhwaahhhcrycries‘- that I headed straight over to Tesco, the next day after work, and picked up three packs -buy two get one free, so I could play the explorer who came back with exotic gifts from the new world like Captain Cook or Christopher Columbus. Thanks to Cooper, the island native in my exploration tale, I was able to return to the sovereign state of my residence with three exotic sacks of peanut puffs which happened to please all heads of state and senators…

Ok I admit I got a bit carried away but I swear I’m going back to the kitchen to bring the whole pack upstairs! They’re like peanut butter flavored Wotsits. If you want a taste head to Tesco, but £1.58 is tooooooooo pricey in the day and age.



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