Craving: Custard Creams

Before one proceeds I’d just like to state that:

If there is anyone amongst you who does not share a mutual admiration for the holiest of all biscuits, the Custard Creme de la Creme -a la Custard Cream, can you please shut the fuck up. Obrigado! (Portuguese for thank you)


As far as biscuits go, there’s no contest for this divine offering from the confectionary gods on Mt. Biscus. Structured as a biscuit sandwich with a vanilla fondant centre, stamped with an elaborate baroque design on either side of its exterior, the Custard Creme is the most regal of all biscuits. There are strawberry, orange, and coffee creams but none come close to their predecessor, the número uno of the brood, the one true comte of the biscuit tin

Custard Creams I salute you and after I finish my shift I shall waltz into Marks & Spencer and purchase a pack so I can return home and av a lil dunk with my afternoon tea.


If you’ve never had the pleasure of tasting the holiest of all Mt. Biscus offerings, I suggest you get to your local store tell the shopkeeper that Khalism sent you –also mention that it’s a ‘Craving’ recommendation and you may get a discount… I gas but you might can blag some extra points at Tesco if you get a pack of PG tips to dunk the custies into.



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