Louis Blaise – Boarding Pass/Purple Hearts (Snippets)

Yo! I tell you all that I fuxx with that Grey ishhh ya heard!… Differently, this guy is on to something special and I’m looking forward to hearing the finished products. It isn’t Grime, Rap, Pop, Electronic, it isn’t even apart of the spectrum, it’s purely individual but done in a ‘cool’ and genuine ‘not give a fuck’ kinda way.

This track especially captures a poignant sentiment in all its 58 second glory. In the seven plus times I’ve listened whilst writing this post, I haven’t quite put my finger on it but Boarding Pass and Purple Hearts are special in the sense that they move me emotionally and not many songs do that these days. I’m in a whole lot of anticipation as to whether Purple Hearts will become a song with lyrics or remain one of those powerful instrumentals, either way I’ll have to await the album -scheduled to drop autumn of this year.

A video feature is long overdue, especially with the transition having been made into the ‘Grey’ area. I predict a whole lot of big things, especially when listening to these tracks. I urge you all to return to Blaise’s soundcloud for future updates and exclusives. The joint Purple Hearts is a moving piece of music, whilst Boarding Pass seemed to come along at a time where it happened to soundtrack my thoughts most miraculously…

Up In The Ear salutes your innovative creation to be outside of the spectrum yet still remain at the centre of it in the ‘Grey’ area. I wish you nothing but strength and blessings on the road to recognition.



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