It all started with Kahina…

I really don’t know how I got here but i think I was looking at a clothing site that was retweeted in my timeline, I clicked on the blog part of their online store before I began browsing before spotting an interesting name ‘Jaz Kahina‘ and another that I’m sure I heard of in the days when Dipset ruled the roost which led to me watching something that reminded me of the Estelle, Tempa, DJ Skitz song. I was glad to hear a fiesty femme-C with a ferocious flow that didn’t sound like she had lifted it from one of the mandem. Excited by what I had witnessed, I headed over to youtube to try and find more freestyles and songs but came up trumps *wahhhh -my attempt at a crying sound effect not that you can even hear the fucking thing but hopefully you read that and associate it with a crying sound that you actually do hear because as you are reading I’m sure you hear the words in your I didn’t quite get why the author thought to elaborate something that didn’t need explaining head*.

So basically I clicked on DJ Slademan and sat through a few vids of him doing the whole ‘record the sample, make the beat, smoke a blunt, use the akai mpc that’s synonymous with the origins of Hip Hop in it’s purest form’ type of thing. *Contrary to my arid less than humourless sarcasm, I sat thru a whole bunch because I really enjoyed them*

I really love what both Slademan and Jaz Kahina are going on with and I look forward to hearing so much more. *I slyly wonder if Slademan can give me some tips on using the Maschine because its quite mind boggling to say the least.

DJ Slademan Youtube:

Jaz Kahina Twitter:

Oh and before I wrap this up, I’m intrigued by the Kahina -where’s the name from, is it arabic, is it a surf thing i.e Kahuna? I ask because had it not been for the name I wouldn’t of pressed play and discover some retro/raw/nostagic Rap music.



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