Casey Veggies – Sleeping In Class

Ok so this is something I’ve had in my ears since last autumn but never got round to passing the parcel. It’s also the place where I heard of Tyler The Creator and was kinda shocked by his lyric on DTA (Don’t Trust Anybody) about punching a girl in the head. Whether he had just watch the film Donkey Punch is unknown but I’d come to learn in the ensuing months that this was the norm with anything Odd Future.

What ties the likes of Tyler, Casey, Dom, and Kendrick together is that listening to these guys is far from what we’ve all grown to expect from California rappers. There’s no gang references/glorification or drug references/glorification, you get a sense that you’re inside the mind of Cali‘s real residents -everyday not so average Joes telling tales from their point of view. I think these artists are doing a great job of breaking the stereotypes and challenging preconceived opinions from all outsiders.

Ridin’ Roun Town was the song that first made me take notice of Veggies on a cold december evening, I think I was in Westminster Uni’s Marylebone library at the time tryna botch together a draft of my thesis, one late night a few days before Christmas, to send to my supervisor. I heard the intro and the strings and I was sold, why?, because outdoors was blitzzzz and the track match my sentiment. It was also a time when I was listening to Dom Kennedy in heavy rotation and I was just happy to discover that this affiliate has some intriguing sounds and the similar balance of introspective and relatable content.

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I feel like when I made Sleeping In Class I made it so people would respond to it. I made songs for every demographic. I expected people to respond positively to it. I also expected people to grow with it and spread it over the next six to ten months. I know it’s going to spread even more because people gravitate to it. It’s real heartfelt music, it’s very emotional. I got a good response from it and I’m very blessed for that.


  1. Forever
  2. Ridin Roun Town
  3. Hear Me Screaming
  4. Get Through ft. Dom Kennedy
  5. 30,000 ft. Nero
  6. Loved Then Alone
  7. Go Ahead ft. Mann
  8. Time Flies ft. Skye Townsend
  9. Searching
  10. DTA ft. Tyler The Creator
  11. Euphoria II
  12. And Ever

This is a very strong release, I’ve got so many unskippable favourites -you know the ones that are simply illegal to skip whilst on the move. Every time I listen to the tracks it reminds me of my many trips zig zagging through London on the subway, sometimes I don’t even notice the album looping because I’m so entranced in the music.

Favourite Tracks:

  • Ridin’ Roun Town
  • Hear Me Screaming (Fucking siiiiick!!!!)
  • Loved Then Alone (Deeper than most…)
  • DTA (Straight cooking biiiiatch!)
  • Euphoria II (Best track on the release! Spaceship status)

This track isn’t on Sleeping In Class, it’s from an earlier tape…

Casey Veggies Official Website



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