Cher Lloyd Vs. Huckleberry Hound: Cat vs. Dogg

Listen up mutrhafuckas I’ve been hearing pyjerrrrrrrr gasssss about Cher Lloyd’s track all day! I didn’t know what to expect and i had I to search every youtube vid until I found the leak. I ain’t hating on her, I wish her all the best but if this is what we have to look  forward to I think she’s better off doing a Tracey Beaker type of ting on E4 or one of those shitty Jezzy-Jordan/Parrd-off-Peter/Crackface-Kerry reality shows on ITV2. On a real Cher, I know it’s a leak but hey I ain’t a reality tv or tv kinda guy in general and I understand that sometimes in the studio there’s always time for clowning -trust me I do it all the time, I just fuck around so I’ll give Cher the benefit of the doubt.

Any who let’s continue with proceedings…

The Original

Huckleberry Hound

Clementine 2011 or Strangled Cat?

Cher Lloyd – Swagger Jacker or Jagger?

My sentiments exactly...

The X-Factor Audition

The X Factor 2010: 16-year-old Cher is nervous about her audition, but much to everyone’s surprise – she has her own unique style and lots of confidence. With the audience on their feet in support, will the judges agree?


Where did it all go wrong?

From the first audition I had high hopes for Cher because I wished that -no race card- but the Black talent would do something like this rather than trying to be ‘different’ by singing indie etc or go the cliche ‘Motown‘ route. Next year I want to see someone cover Kreayshawn’s ‘Gucci Gucci’ or Lil B’s Ellen Degeneres.


I actually am not looking forward to what see’s got coming out, alongside every other budding starlet because these days they all seem to sound the same -you know the arp synth, ‘oh oh oooh’ ad libs and chorus, the over exaggerated swag etceter-fucking-raaaaa-ra-ga-ga-gagahadsgthcbv!

Anywho that’s my thoughts on the matter, until next time…

Stay Tuned…….



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