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Celebratory Piss Up

So as of last week, millions of students, including myself, officially finished uni. Friday was the day we handed in the last assignment, after three years of deadlines, lastminute.com essays, presentations where we gassed into oblivion, and lecture halls where we spent most of the time on our smartphones, telling the whole world via twitter, facebook, and bbm that we were close to slitting our wrists because the lecturer was fa-hooookin borrrrrrr-ing! Yes my fellow graduates we have officially finished, we have handed in our last piece of work and it’s time to forget about the pending results and concentrate on finding the elusive, well paid graduate positions. Some students have already secured their futures because they’ve somehow been able to juggle an internship, or a few, around their studies. I like many others will start the long arduous road to securing the dream job, which means juggling the internships with the [paid] freelance opportunities, maintaing a strong live online portfolio, the optimism, and tough skin in the face of setbacks… The treasure hunt has commenced!

Finishing university is possibly the most stressful time because after a minimum of three years complacent with your ‘turn up’ part time, weekend job in retail, student loans with which most among us squandered frivolously on things that just get too small or old, you suddenly get the wake up call when the postman delivers a letter from the Student Loans Company demanding their £32.5k back. The letters with the tree on the letterhead were not proof that money grew on trees but they were a metaphor to not take the finance for granted because at the end of your student adventure, you would have to start paying it back.

The Empire Is Upon Us

Noise Empire is the brainchild of Lucinda Farley, who having noticed a gap in the market for a Creative Agency whose service is exclusive to the talents and expertise of both students and graduates, decided to set up an enterprise which is accessible to the music, media and entertainment industries. Noise Empire actively seeks out natural talent, innovation, and the ability to deliver across all mediums. Noise Empire embraces diversity and represents clients across all areas, whether it be music, film, photography, or cosmetics. The Empire is set to become a bustling hub of activity in the coming months as more and more graduates seek employment, and the golden opportunities to attach their names to something special.


Hannah Khan

Hannah Khan is a fully qualified, and creatively inspired, Make Up Artist with a high level of experience working within the television, fashion and entertainment. Hannah can transcend all mediums to deliver nothing short of the best results when faced with the most difficult briefs. Hannah Khan specialises in transforming beauty, into futuristic and even ugly for any occasion. Visual needs can become real -even if you want to be transformed from Heather Trotter into Beyonce Knowles.

Mark Grace

Capturing images from all over the world, Mark Grace is exceptional undergraduate photographer. He utilises every part of his surroundings to produce high quality visuals, capturing everything from breath taking landscapes to the grimiest of urban superstars. Mark has developed a style that encompasses the intimate and theatrical, sharp in detail yet vague enough to allow the spectator to conjure up the rest of the story within the confines of their own imagination. It’s no surprise that Mark specialises in Commercial & Fashion portraiture, and cites the legendary Annie Lebovitz and Rankin as his inspirations. Currently studying a BA(hons) Degree in Photography at Sheffield Hallam University, the 19 year old has a bright career ahead of him. See for yourself by taking a look at his online portfolio.

S Sid Ahmed

S Sid Ahmed is in the process of the 365 Vlog challenge; Filming, editing and uploading a video diary every day for a year. He’s a director by nature, whose portfolio includes the artist known as RKZ, and a photographer, illustrator, and animator. an all round multi-faceted chap.

Ollie 'Quintessential' Temple

Ollie is a self starter who got to where he is through trial and errror. Having gained experience through ‘Cutie Pies Clothing’, a company aimed at a pre teen demographic, he decided to setup Quintessential Fashion. The label aspires to mix quality and class alongside clothing and design, which produces meaningful apparel aimed at a broad demographic.

Captain Cupcake and The Baketeers

The Bakery Boyz are what all folklores are made of. They’re comparable to The Planeteers from Captain Planet; They all come from different cultures, have diverse influences, and they all look totally different -think the unusual suspects. They’ve been the biggest mystery since I emigrated to the campus from BANM because I’ve never heard any music from these guys, I’ve just heard on the campus grapevine that they’re fucking sick. In terms of the planeteers, there’s three dudes; Kwarme, Wheeler, Ma-Ti comparisons up for grabs, but whoever draws the short straw will have to choose between the two girls; Gi the south east asian marine biologist, or Linka the eastern european who controls the wind. Whether or not you wanna be a girl, I doubt whoever draws the short straw would want to be the gas-bag. (fahoooneh-ha-haaaa!)

Captain Cupcakes

The Bakery Band consists of nine uniquely and naturally talented young musicians including band director Ife Oladigbolu [Keys, Bass & Saxophone], Samson Jatto [Drums & Percussion], Christian Guthrie [Lead Guitar & Bass], Stefano Della Cassa [Bass & Guitar], Dayo Dele-ojo [Guitar, Bass & Keys] along with vocals by Mandesa Peters, Diyanna and Lee Williams. The band also has their own DJ and Sound Engineer, Amish Patel. All being from different musical backgrounds the band bring together diversity and influences with a variety whilst all sharing the same dreams and love for music.


UK singer-songwriter Tyla Hill is currently Noise Empire’s maiden voyage into artist development. At the time of writing, there are plans underway to turn this young ‘Bieberette’ into a global starlet.

Tyla Hill

The first time I heard Tyla, she sent shivers down my spine. It’s rare to find an artist so young with so much sparkle. It made perfect sense for Tyla to become first lady of the Empire.

Empress Lucinda is already building a portfolio of image and sound to fill the void in UK and worldwide entertainment. The states already have the likes of Justin Bieber and Willow Smith, so it’s time that the British folk got a piece of the action. Rather than fluffy songs about cupcakes and teddy bears, I sense Tyla will be the voice of the teen renegades, the misfits, the individuals -everybody who just wants to be themselves. It’ll be real exciting if Tyla did something like KREAYSHAWN’s track ‘Gucci Gucci’.

The song, the raps, the visuals, the SWAG, all oooze charisma, and if you need someone to write the raps I’ve been known to write a catchy track or few… On a serious note [I was joking not joking] Noise Empire is set to storm the media, music, creative, and entertainment industries in one swift swoop. With a league of exceptionally skilled individuals who fill the void of having no opportunities open to them by creating work for themselves. Through coming together under the leadership of Empress Farley, Noise Empire may become the creative enterprise agency of the future if it continues to go from strength to strength by handpicking the best graduates that universities have to offer.

Up In The Ear salutes you!

For more info on how to get involved head over to…


I wonder whether we’ll hear Tyla on a Grime track, a duet with Tempz perhaps?



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