If I’m being totally honest, I received an email out of nowhere with links to a ‘free’ album so I downloaded and listened. I didn’t even try and skip through the tracks on soundcloud, I just put it on the iPod, let it play, and emailed them to get some muthafucking answers! These guys split their time between New York & Miami serving up a mix between electronic mash up synth pop and hardcore Hip Hop bang your head in the club bangers.

Def Exx consists of a duo: Dan B (songwriter/singer) & RTillery (producer/singer). They’re from Miami and their debut single ‘History’ has been the talk of the bloggersphere up and down the east coast with promoters in their hometown of Miami, and as far afield as The Big Apple trying to get a piece of their energy since featuring on The New Lofi.

Directed By: Cory Popp

We chose to sample some of our favorite artists, new and old, from Fitz & The Tantrums to John Lennon, and make remixes with our own twist. The sound is essentially a mix of hip-hop, spoken word, and Miami electro.

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It’s a great high quality debut, I commend RTillery for his production skills because there’s a lot of good songs, although sometimes I feel like Dan B could be much tighter with the flows -maybe its his style either way it still sounds aiiite. My favourite song on Exxperiments is track 7 -$$$ because it sounds British, reminding me of cobbled streets, Caraby, and the East End. Track number 4 – 1st Class is fucking fly as hell, apt title indeed, and last but not least Track 5- The Night because it captures the sentiment when you’re smooching your lady romantically under a street lantern on an art deco street from a bygone era on Old Bond Street

Let’s be honest, it’s not the greatest or most perfect album, but for a debut its hella fucking great! I love that not only did these guys contact me out of nowhere with something great but the sonics of the release are quintessentially British. I can’t actually imagine dudes from Miami making this calibre of music, besides they haven’t just looped up the samples, they’ve delivered the music in a way that sounds not only refreshing but nostalgic too.

Up In The Ear Salutes You!



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