Sid & Sigalla: Dance Fantastic

If you haven’t heard about this band, chances are you’ve either had your head buried in the sand or you’ve just not had your ears in the right places. I’d say that neither may be the answer because I got put onto this band by OG Thiebaud. At first I was sceptical, or at least I’m sceptical about anything that gets referred to me because a lot of the time with music, its wack. I was optimistic because OG Thiebaud is someone who has managed, masterminded, and steered the careers of some of the biggest movers and shakers in underground electronic music; Bryan Gee (V Recordings), Bad Company, Breakbeat Kaos, Pendulum -whose debut ‘Hold Your Colour‘ went multi platinum, Nero, and managed Chase & Status‘ first collaboration with anyone outside of the drum & Bass scene with Roll Deep… (Pause as I catch my breathe *panting and gasping for air) With such a great track record, there was no doubt in my mind that I had to listen to it, if not at that precise moment -give it a download as it was a free album.

As with anything with a ‘free’ attachment to it, I really don’t expect much other than a bunch of cover tracks with someone ‘spitting’ their hardest and not even acknowledging the music, just spitting on and on, gassing, sound effects, a silly DJ talking jibberish and using colloquial language I cannot understand, and tracks which contain all the foul language beneath the sun in amongst references of the same ol…. Hold up, maybe I’ve got it twisted, maybe I’m judging a free release from some of the atrocious rap records I see getting peddled on the streets of central London by salesman who were never any good as prohibited substance retailers on the corner or piss stain elevators of a dingy tower block in some British slum where obesity and teen pregnancies are rife, whilst going to join the dole queue is a right of passage… These fuckers are worse than chuggers, you know the charity people that stop you in the midst of the busy shopping district whilst you’re trying to get someone in a rush. Yea these twats think its acceptable to stop you in the middle of Oxford St whilst you’re casually walking past Footlocker & JD Sports, pushing some plastic wallet with an Lexmark injet printout!!! Lexmark not even a HP ta raaaasssstaaa-cloud!

Do you listen to Hip Hop bludddddd?

First of all ‘Famalam’, one is not you’re haemoglobin, I do not circulate beneath your skin, I do not help you to stay alive. If I were your haemoglobin, i be a virus that eats up every white blud cell so the next time you try to sell another one of your shit CDs fully up of songs recorded with the internal microphone on your shitty little Acer laptop, I’ll ensure a piece of pollen gives you an allergic reaction and you fucking die, yes fucking die, my haemoglobin -you diseased cockhead!

Sid & Sigala (I can't tell the difference)

Expectations aside, Sid & Sigala blew me away with the quality of their songs. The first song ‘Die With You’ is a cross between Hardhouse and Techno, you know that upfront pounding 4×4 bass drum that never seems to disappear. I was like ‘WTF‘ at first because as a bit of a techno-phobe, I literally was close to slashing my wrists with a rusty blade infected with some kinda fucked up killer virus that slwly eats you from the inside so you get all weak and decrepid. It was more of a challenge to actually sit through it on the Met line because I was clutching my iPhone in my hand asking for a reason to switch, I was like

God please give me strength to sit through the rest of this song. I beg of you o lord, give me strength if there are any fruits at the end of listening to track one because if there aren’t I shall hurl thyself out of the carriage window to ensure a really fast steam engine train from the 1800s with a grill thing on the front will shread me in a a hundred million gazillion pieces of shredded fleshed and crushed bones.

In all honesty, the first track weren’t even that baaaaaad, I’ve never been comfy putting a donk on it, an entertaining read nonetheless right? (awaits laughter but i’m laughing because my jokes are funny because i author them and understand the jokes ha!)

Sid and Sigala are the result of an orgy involving David Guetta, Starsmith, Pendulum, Chase & Status, Swedish House Mafia, The Blackout Crew, and some random hooker from Berwick St. Sleazy sounding vocals, lyrics, and themes intwined with some of the dirtiest and tightest electronic production. I’m quite surprised they decided to give it away for free because the quality of not only the songs, but the writing, production and overall sound, give Dance Fantastic a sheen that makes me wonder why they are not in the charts, touring the world, on MTV and every other broadcaster, and being played on the radio.

Click To Download

Sid & Sigala are a promising band who have delivered a wonderful debut album full of singles, that cross the boundaries between the charts, iPod, and dancefloors across the globe. I can’t wait to hear what they’re cooking up, and if this is a direct representation of what Westminster University’s school of Media, Art and Design in Harrow has to offer, I pledge my allegiance to weeding out some of the other undiscovered acts.

A word of advice to all other students and contemporaries:

Download Dance fantastic, and step your muthafucking game up because this is iTunes, HMV, Amazon, Fopp, and hardcopy, radio and global takeover quality so get studying BIIIIIIIIAAAAATTTTTTCHHHHHHESSSSSS!!!!


Twitter: @SidandSigala

Until next time…




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