Legend: Bob Marley

Let me just start by saying that if you think you’re a certified music expert and you haven’t heard of Bob Marley, you are officially a waste of space and you should kill thyself as of now by hurling yourself in front of a speeding train, getting hit but not killed and slowly dying in the underlay of the rancid carpet of a crackhouse on the hundred and sixty sixth floor of a dingy tower block in the midst of a Mumbai slummmmm!!!

Via Wikipedia

You’re probably asking why I’m so excited to feature the legendary Robert Nestor ‘Bob’ Marley… well if you didn’t know… I was and his greatest fan back in the ’80s when I was a bambino! I used to watch a VHS tape (hell yea I’m that muddafuuukaaarin ‘ol skoool!!!!) of a concert he did in London me thinks either way I’d watch it day and night.

Since today marks the 30th anniversary of my bambino-ish idol’s ascent into the stars, I chose to don a denim shirt as the legend himself and a pair of Vans as a substitute for the Clarks he used to wear.

My Tribute Ensemble

I’ve also downloaded and shared a mix courtesy of Sweden‘s finest sound system, Safari Sound an

Twitter: @SafariSound


2 thoughts on “Legend: Bob Marley

  1. That’s a wicked mix. Thanks and thanks for the link!
    Nice to ‘meet’ another Bob Marley fan!
    Like your ‘gear’ for today,


    • Cheers Marcia, Bob Marley is a huge inspiration, moreso than I previously realised. His lyrics are so inspiration, and having only listening back to them properly I have no doubt to argue against anyone who says that Bob Marley was a prophet because songs like Get Up Stand Up amongst all others speak magnitudes in aiding and encouraging us all to find the truths within ourselves.


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