Mayday saw the release of SHUTDOWN, and to my calculations, under 24hrs after being released it has had everyone gassed up!!! According to inside military reports, one of the troops purchased this on his iPhone and put it on the iPod dock which was wired to the whole teams Bluetooth headsets which played the song on Loop. They got so gassed that they decided after months of kicking back drinking prohibited alcohol, to storm Osama’s 250,000 acre mansion on the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan. The troops were so gassed off of listening to Shutdown that they didn’t even notify the Pakistani authorities, they were on a Shutdown ting quoting M.I.K and ting like…

Ergh!!! Look who’s back with a fresh one M.I, two mak 10’s and a sawn off semi!!!

I swear to you I ain’t even bullshitting!!! The troops went and made sure they stormed the complex with the Mak 10’s and semi automatic pistols and the sawn off shotguns. When they rolled up on Osama, who had already got Shutdown himself, he remixed the bar like

Jump on Al-Jazeera once every few months… Man are like its him… Ergh!

Neighbouring complexes thought there was a soundclash going on because all they could hear is Shutdown being blasted out loud from Osama’s Sir Coxon-esque sound system from the bank holiday weekend barbecue held earlier, where they had jerk shawirma and pitta.

Go get the track and get gassed off this monstrous Spartan Spooky (Spooky Bizzle) production laced with the eight bar rally between M.I.K & Merky Ace spitting some of the grimiest bars. This track is definitely the soundtrack to all Shutdown activity, whether you’re banging out your uni assignments, in a rave, doing 250mph in your modified vehicle in a 30mph backroad, or on the run from the feds. This is definitely a song and soundtrack for all types of activity.

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3 thoughts on “M.I.K & MERKY ACE – SHUTDOWN (OUT NOW)

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