Adaggio – Murder [I.T.O] Suspect?

So it seems there’s been a murder in the orchestra, and my homie Adaggio is one of the prime suspects. The incident took place whilst I was out in Kuwait, at around midnight. Word on road is that twelve other soloists died in a barrage of high pitched strokes. There were no trace of fingerprints nor DNA at the scene of the crime, the only thing which links Daniel to the incident are microscopic traces of the finest horse hair -having fallen at the scene from striking the string so hard. Police are holding Adaggio on the grounds that there are twelve tracks on the mixtape, and twelve missing soloists -all believed to have been slain by his mighty violinmanship.

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It may seem from all the evidence presented that Adaggio is guilty beyond all reasonable doubt, if so there must be a reason behind the massacre. Judging from the artwork, he could be having a Donnie Darko episode, but instead of Frank, he’s got Vlin telling him to do these things in order to save the earth from the wrath of Vlin. Whether he has pleaded guilty or not is unknown, but at this moment in time, he needs your help.

Adaggio is on the look out for producers to contribute music to his next release. If you feel like going on a crusade against the wackness, send something to:

Producers I’d like to hear on the second installment are:
  1. Swindle – Airmiles, Beat This ep.1, King of Intros 
  2. Goldielocks – Don Diva of the big beats and basslines 
  3. Faze Miyake – Leader of the new wave of Grime producers 
There’s so much more producers who are deep in their own right but these four are ones who are making a whole of noise in my ears right now.

Free Adaggio!


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