Style Street – Zack Tate x MNEK

So I set out to get to Pure Evil Gallery in Shoreditch, as I’ve been trying for days on end to no avail, and I ended up beginning a new feature in the process. I met some really interesting people today which made me feel as though I had some extraordinary intuition because the two people i happened to stop was purely based on what they were wearing. I was intrigued by their style, the way in which these gentlemen composed themselves signalled that there was a story to be told. Also, I had this on the cards for a while and I had my contact cards with me to cut 99.9% of the awkward explanation.

Zack Tate

Zack Tate – Marc Jacobs European Visual Manager

Zack is a local resident who has lived in ‘the ends’ for four years, having previously moved over from New York. His occupation see’s him jet setting all over Europe and the America’s, whilst in pursuit of his pastime -collecting pieces from his favourite designer, Jeremy Scott.

Jeremy Scott x Zack Tate

I’m a young boy living in London, I do Visuals / Creative for Marc Jacobs and spend most of my time traveling Europe…

Big Pimpin'

Here’s Zack in action, word on road is that he’s an avid stylist too…



MNEK – Student and Singer/Songwriter/Producer

  • Jacket: Ebay
  • Shirt: Daddy Dearest
  • Mirror Watch: Ebay
  • Robot Chain: ASOS
  • Glasses: Ray-Ban
  • Pants: Jacamo
  • Kicks: ?

MNEK (em-en-ee-kay) is a 16 year old student who is carefully trying to juggle his GSCE’s with being signed to a Publishing deal at EMI. Currently working with Nathan Retro –Tinchy Stryder et al- their collaborative production landed a spot on a Nike ad for the new ‘Air Max Lunars’ featuring Mario Ballotelli.

MNEK also remixed Tinie Tempah‘s Written In The Stars, which landed him a spot on The Very Best of Now! Dance 2010.

Keep an Ear out MNEK because he’s onto big things! To keep up to date with him, go here @MNEKtweets (I would refer them to your myspace but it fucked up my macbook so many fucking times that I suggest you get yourself a soundcloud or a fucking bandcamp account -I do say it humorously and seriously in unison so laugh but still I’m annoyed that it held me up a few fucking hours)

My Reassurance

The moral of this feature, is to highlight the important of being inquisitive, the importance of following your instincts, and taking your intuition seriously. (Roll your eyes and sigh if you will but it’s true)

I had this teacher in the 3rd grade at Tidemill primary School called Miss Robson. The first ever day of school she sat us all down in the classroom and proceed to give me, what was to be, the most practical advice ever bestowed upon any impressionable seven year old. She said…

Always be inquisitive, never be afraid to ask questions.

Had I not been intrigued by both Zack and MNEK, I would never of asked to take a picture nor engaged in any conversation to find out what it was about them that I found so intriguing. As someone who appreciates art in all its limitless forms, I find an individuals style most intriguing. Style says a lot about not only someone’s mood, but it tells you more about them than people care to realise. I didn’t know of Zack nor MNEK beforehand -I had heard of people around them and, probably knew of people who knew people that knew them but that was it. I believe that my intuition picked up on their inner creative energy that radiated forth, and by following my instinctive reaction to request a picture, I connected with two new creatives from opposite yet similar polarities of experience and creative disciplines. (No this ain’t the Mystic Khally moment before you roll your eyes and they get stuck at the top of your eye lids, I’m just calling it how it went down)

The important lesson to remember is that life is about energy, and that having a business card cuts of 99.9999999% of the awkwardness and questions because when they see your contact details on the card people feel reassured especially when it’s high quality matt gloss from (nice lil plug cah I need the masses to know manamans steas ya gemmme famalambilloskizzle!)

Next time I shant have to explain why I stop random people in the street and ask to take pictures ha!



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