Adele @HMV Institute Birmingham 18042011

My friend Lauren is the biggest Adele fan and when she asked if I wanted to go on a pilgrimage to see Adele in Birmingham with a few friends, I agreed. I refused to listen to the new album because everyone I spoke to told me the album was emotional and made them cry to the point that some of them were sitting on kitchen floors bawling their eyes out. I myself thought faaaark that, I refused to be sucked into that emotional whirlpool or be forced to think about all the heartache the average human goes through in a decade or so of adolescent to adult relationships…

Anywho I went on a road trip to see Adele with three oestrogen driven ladies who insisted on playing all the tearjerking ballads under the sun. I was terrorised, poked and interrogated -being the only man, ladies always seem to try and gain answers to the questions women always want to know so they return to their respective partners with a detailed insight into the male mind. Not being one to betray the members of my specie, I kept my lips zipped.

As I didn’t have time to write about the concert the day after, as I travelled to the middle east, I have decided to feature a post from the Footprints On my Vans blog, authored by Lauren Francis -a dear friend.


“After driving 120 miles north, being dragged through a shopping centre, standing in a queue for hour and a half, finally… I was there.

Standing I’d say about six people from Adele.

Her keyboard player took the stage first playing a tune on the keyboard and floated into ‘Hometown Glory”… We heard Adele before we saw her.

As soon as I heard her voice, I shook.

My heart stopped, my eyes filled with tears.

I couldn’t believe I was in the same room, the same vicinity as Adele, the person behind the music that corresponds and tells my life, my future, my heart.

Throughout the first song I had to hold on to my friends shoulders, I was so moved.

Adele talked the crowd through  the show, waving, chatting, and questioning some woman who screamed she wanted her babies – “But one of us needs a penis!!?”

The comment that made my night was:

“Me & my ex are tryna be friends now

*crowd boo’s*…

But, he’s still a cunt”

After telling the crowd she couldn’t believe she was wearing a cigarette stained black top, that her doggy Louie was next door and playing classics from 19 such as Chasing Pavements & Right As Rain the pinnacle of the night, for me, was her performance of Make You Feel My love.

The lighting was simple and perfect as she sang this song, the whole crowd stood in awe. As she reached the end of the song she was so overcome with emotion she apologised to the crowd before going backstage to await her encore.

The crowd did not stop cheering, clapping, stamping their feet in anticipation for more!

Adele took the stage once more, picked up her guitar and sang the first verse of Someone Like You… There was not a dry eye in the house.

I stood again, in awe.

Adele finished the show with an amazing version of Rolling In The Deep and ended in jumping down from the stage to give a fan a hug, that she had promised to do earlier in the show because if she had done it before, she never would have been able to get back up! Haha.


This was the best concert I have ever been to.

I couldn’t even speak about it after without crying I was so overcome by how magical and intimate the show was.

I will never, ever forget this moment in time.

Adele, I love you.

Ps. Totally embarrassed ourselves when Adele mentioned Finsbury Park… The whole crowd just stared at us like WTF.

North London -BAM!”

Thank you for allowing me -well I’ll text you after to tell you I’m using it- to feature your review on Up In The Ear!!!

Twitter: @DoToo_Much

I look forward to future guest features!

Here’s a lil something i meshed together on my phone



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