Louis Blaise – The Transition (Free Music)

Transition is the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. In music terminology, a transition is a momentary modulation from one key to another. In Louis’ case, Transition is the evolution of a grimey guy, Tugzy Tantrum, into a gentleman, Louis Blaise.

The release consists of nine tracks, each telling a tale which relates to Louis’ personal transition -both artistically and personally- doing so in chronological order, with some of the darkest themes at the forefront, progressing to the lighter songs at the other end.

My favourite songs from Transition are Francis and Same. Both are Grime as hell but what makes them stand out is the way they’ve been conceptualised and delivered. Francis is reminiscent of Boy In The Corner, it has an air of vulnerability that you can’t help but relate to because it expresses his personal fears, something that a lot of artists shy away from.

The jewel in the crown is Same!!!!! I swear I fucking love this song because I and everyone I played the song to can fucking relate!!!! Do know how deep this track is????? The concept is so visual and inviting, it’s animated, you can’t help but picture yourself walking down the street following the route… I swear when I listen to Same it reminds me of all of the old routes and haunts in the ends. It takes me back to a time that was dark but what Same does is captures the sinister side of that time in life with humour. Louis delivered same with Panache and I wish there was much more of Same in future releases to come because it captures a nostalgic and sinister sentiment almost perfectly.

You think I’m peng blud, what is it!?!

I love Same so much that if I had £££££££££s I’d invest in some cinematic visuals because it’s special! Same is something that a whole host of artists could learn from because it not only tells a story but ARGGGGHHHHHHHH FAAAAARRRRKKKK I really don’t know if Louis knows how much of a gem this is?!? Same could become one of those anti crime adverts or something filmed in the Peep Show style or Smack My Bitch Up-esque where it’s a first person point of view, the camera tells the story through Louis’ eyes. I seriously feel like Same is the best Grime song i’ve ever heard because it’s so out of the box that it can’t be categorised, I’ve never heard or seen it done before. My question for Louis is whether he was conscious of what he was creating at the time and/or what his influences were. Some of you may question why I’m getting excited, and why i’m passionate about this one track but I’m a fan of concepts, content, and out the box ideas. Same is a gem because Louis mastered the art of dynamics. When you break Same down even further, you discover that it becomes a juxtaposition -the beat is basically the same loop of synth riff and drum beat but the lyrics and dynamic speak magnitudes. Louis artfully breaks up the never ending beat with sound effects and silences to emphasise the story being told. The beat itself acts as a catalyst for the dynamism because of its ongoing notion it allows the story to be told. If the beat were say structured in a pop format I really don’t think Same would have the same effect. I fucking love it!!!! I hope that there’s more tracks like this in the future from Louis because Same is no longer just music, its no longer Grime, it’s a fucking story!!! and I doubt whether Blaise himself knows what a diamond he’s got otherwise they’d be visuals.

Please make more tracks like this because it’s exactly what the game needs to keep me from listening to Jazz, Broken Beat, and other weird and wonderful things. Same is not only entertaining and nostalgic, but it’s also thought provoking and visual. I really really really don’t know if you know what the fuck you’re sitting on with same and if you realise and see what I see please make more of Same because it’s a wizard of a track. It’s not just music Louis, the track called same is something special!!! The game needs more, an ep perhaps???? A set of visuals like a series perhaps??? A story??? There’s so much things you can do with it and off the back of it. Sure I’m crazy but Same is a timeless piece and something that I urge a lot of your contemporaries to study and learn from because that’s how you make a track, thats’s how you execute a concept, that’s how you paint a picture!!! FAAAAAARRRRRKKKK!!! I ain’t crazy ya na but Same is in the league as this…

I almost never compare anyone to Jigga, but Same is a timeless piece of contemporary art. It ain’t just music… I’m excited because i’ve found a millenium Slick Rick…

Click To Download

Download Transition and keep Blaise on your radar because i’ve heard a few tracks that’ll take off head tops!!!

Be sure to keep me updated and if there’s another Same, send it through asap!!!



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