Mayday – M.I.K 010511

M.I.K (Music Is Knowledge) is a Grime artist from South East London. He’s collaborated with the cream of the underground; OT who gave the world Devlin, Flava D from Wiley’s Eski Beat, Jendor -founding member of the infamous OGz, along with countless other artists. As well as working with some of the biggest names on the underground, M.I.K has had co-signs from industry tastemakers; DJ Spyro who supports Tinchy Stryder on tour, and holds a resident slot on the legendary RinseFM. M.I.K has also appeared on the Tim Westwood show and has appeared countless times on the Grime scene’s most respected radio show, ‘Grime Time’ on Kiss100 hosted by Logan Sama –renown throughout the music industry for breaking some of the hottest acts to come from the underground to the mainstream; Skepta, Tinchy Stryder, Chipmunk, and continues to be the first port of call when pre established artists;, Dizzee Rascal and Wiley.

A lot of people associate M.I.K with an unparalleled work rate. He has a non-stop ‘Grime or Die’ mentality; if he’s not in the studio –he’s writing bars, if he’s not writing bars –he’s on radio, if he’s nowhere to be seen –it’s a problem, why? …

M.I.K is no stranger to war, he has been in countless high profile spats with the likes of Lee Brasco (Ruff Squad affiliate), Maxsta, former afffiliates, and those who have stole his style and tried to run with it their own peril.

M.I.K comes from an era where skills, flow and content came before the glitz, glamour and fame, there’s a high work rate which at times can go unnoticed –a direct result of his elusiveness, or that his attitude is ‘Grime or Die’ resulting in many A&Rs sniffing around his inner circle trying to get close enough to wave a cheque in his face to get him to follow the likes of Stryder, Munk, Ironik et al into Pop.

Would M.I.K accept the check to dilute the sound?

I doubt it to be honest because this is an MC who was doing Grime before they even thought of a name for the sub culture. Mik Grimton, as he was known back then, was one of the first MCs to drop the free mixtape in the days when there was no social networking nor internet promotion. I think this is what makes him a beast on the mic and seamless with the flow because every move made is a matter of having your rep on the line to be scrutinized. This is someone who has lived and breathed the culture, outlived many MCs who came and went over the course of the noughties, and he witnessed many of his contemporaries and those he looked up to make the mistake by watering themselves down to crawl back to Grime with their tail between their legs. This is not just music this really is a lifestyle, a state of mind, a code of ethics, a religion, spiritual journey.

To add to the air of elusivity, M.I.K created the illusion of being everywhere at once; appearing on almost every pirate, mainstream and internet radio station, turning up to every rave and studio session, dropping a whopping 19 mixtapes, yes 19!!!!, over a four year period -4.75 mixtapes a year, so its no wonder that M.I.K shuts down raves when he grabs the microphone and let’s off the ‘Ergh’, a trademark call to arms for any rival MC to know he is about to shut it down as the audience go ballistic upon the ensuing mosh pit when singing the lyrics word for word. This is D Double v.3.5 with ferocious consistent flows and lyrics for several lifetimes.

The reason why M.I.K has garnered so much respect within the Grime scene and beyond is because the productions are all original from relatively unknown producers. Never shy to risk it all by going for someone virtually unknown within the scene, M.I.K is always on the lookout for a new sound –having jumped on productions by the likes of Faze Miyake, Fused Forces amongst a whole host of others, if you trail through the back catalogue of the 19 mixtapes, there’s a string of credits for virtual nobodies. Whether or not it’s a result of the well known, more established producers ignoring the flair of Grime’s elusive South London outcast, it must be resourcefulness that drove M.I.K to carve out a new sound by crafting a unique flow that not only is easy to follow but has this complexity to it that only M.I.K can deliver with panache –no disrespect to the understudies, because he fathered the style.

I’ve always likened M.I.K’s flow to a space shuttle: it starts off steady before peaking slighty, but once into the upper stratosphere he’s gone to never come back ever –he’ll keep flowing, hitting you with punch after punch, discombobulating the flow by making you think you’re going left before taking a sharp turn to the right. It’s similar to Em and Jigga, although his signature cheekiness, and self-assuredness is in the league of Camron, but unlike Killa, M.I.K is the master of dynamics; ferocious yet steady, simple yet complex. There’s an air of calm around his style that makes him the sinister anti-hero of the Grime scene.

My Favorite Track: Target Practice (I Declare War *tape) because it epitomizes everything I described in the last paragraph.

Since the release of Do It, M.I.K’s been leaking freestyles and track snippets –sometimes for just a few minutes before taking them down, creating a lot of anticipation for the arrival of his 3rd solo lp on ‘M.I.K Mayday’, 010511. If the Rebecca Black & Take Off freestyles are anything to go by, its probably not a good day to march on the annual mayday march in London because if the protesters are listening to M.I.K, the pigs are getting bodied.

Promo Discography

If you can still find any of these to download you’re a wizard, its also a great way to monitor his progression throughout the years:

  1. Anti Social Musik
  2. Perfect Timing
  3. Master In Klass
  4. Unique Style
  5. Certified Shootaz
  6. On The Move
  7. Crash Course
  8. Look In Ma Face
  9. Follow The Leader
  10. Final Lap
  11. I Love Pirate Radio 1
  12. I Love Pirate Radio 2
  13. I Love Pirate Radio 3
  14. 10 Minute Tea Break EP
  15. I Declare War
  16. Old Skool
  17. The Sick Pay EP
  18. The Ergh P
  19. The 5 Hour Shift EP

Official Releases

In July 2009 M.I.K released the mix CD Workaholic through the independent label Blatantly Blunt as his debut commercially available mix CD.

Also in June 2010 M.I.K released one of the most highly rated mix CDs Grime To Five 

Single Release

M.I.K is set to release his long awaited debut single Do It  (see attachment) on 1st March which has been getting a lot of Underground and mainstream support.


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