MeLo-X – More Merch (EPK)

MeLo-X is an Emcee, DJ, experimental multi-genremusic producerlaptop musician, Audio Engineer and Photographer from the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, NYMeLo-X is renown worldwide for not only his own music but also for custom Remixing of current classics.

This guy intrigues me. I first heard of him he featured on Stalley’s track Distant Land off of Autobiography. I never really got round to checking him out until I peeped this vid where he explains why he purchased a particular sampler/drum machine.

He resurfaced on my radar when I encountered this video, filmed in Paris, and directed by Parisian director Karim Meg.

Song: More Merch

Produced By: Ryan Leslie

Directed By: Karim Meg

I can’t lie to any of you, I really need to catch up by heading back to where it all started, Renaissance Man, and progress through to God King, before finally ending up in the present, More Merch.

I’ll be in touch with a feature on the triple, meanwhile Melo-X will be apart of my soundtrack whilst I travel to the desert for a few nights.



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