Discovery: Beaux Saunders

I discovered a new artist by accident, whilst I was on an assignment to interview the lovely Valentina, I discovered Beaux Saunders at soundcheck for an acoustic event at The North Tavern in Kilburn called Ear Music. Never in my life had I been so surprised upon hearing someone I had never heard before.

After my team completed the assignment, we patiently awaited Beaux to grace the stage. The question on all our minds was whether we’d be mesmerised as we were whilst listening to the soundcheck, this was Beaux’s time to shine, this was Beaux’s time to prove herself worthy of our attention and support as people who’d never heard of her previously.

Erik Erxon

When Beaux graced the stage, she opened up with a piano solo, her sultry voice intwined with the piano melody as smooth as a lovers butterfly inducing touch, raising hairs on the back of my neck as we gazed on in awe. This was the moment I discovered a star, it was the moment where alarm bells started ringing, myself and Jess looked round to each other like “She’s the one…*Robbie Williams voice*

Erik Erxon

I asked Beaux’s manager Chantelle where she got the voice from, I posed the question to Beaux herself -who simply looked at me if I were deranged.

Beaux needs no gimmicks, pr stunts, or celebrity cosigns because her talent alone will see her to the top -well that and the fact that she is accompanied by a great band, has a supportive manager, and team of adoring supporters.

Beaux Saunders, Up In the Ear loves you and I look forward to meeting you at The Substation… (Top Secret)


PS – Because of you, that R. Kelly song which you covered is stuck in my head! Not a problem because i’ve always loved it but I love your one a lil better.

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